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Mission Statement

The St. Louis Rockets Hockey Association is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. We are a fully-sanctioned member of USA Hockey, and we rely on the collaborative efforts of many people who volunteer their efforts in providing a forum for youth ice hockey. While our players have a wide range of skill levels, they are all committed to the sport and display an intense desire to improve as athletes and individuals. 


Our programs stress sportsmanship, friendship, goodwill, and strong values. Our players go on to play high school hockey, win state championships and earn collegiate scholarship opportunities, but all of our players take away lifetime skills, team concepts and relationships that will benefit them both on and off the ice.

Rockets Off Ice Training Facility

Rockets Off-Ice Facility Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the off-ice training facility located? The off-ice facility is centrally located at 8263 Brentwood Industrial Drive (near Manchester/Hanley Rd. Intersection). We have leased a 9,000 square foot training facility. 

Why did the Rockets build an off-ice facility? Two years ago, our organization recognized the limited availability of ice in the greater St. Louis region. We wanted to find alternative ways to develop and train our young athletes.   

How is the facility being used?  The off-ice facility is used to train our players on skill development. USA Hockey has emphasized off-ice training in conjunction with on-ice training.  

How many rooms are at the facility? The largest portion of the facility is for off-ice training. We have 2 unisex bathrooms, a waiting area, cubbies for sticks and gear, office for the Director and Assistant Director of Hockey, and a multipurpose room with AV set up and seating for up to 20 people.

What equipment is available at the facility?  The training facility is equipped with TRX, medicine balls, plyo boxes, reactive speed light training, a stick handling area, interactive training aides, Seven shooting lanes and turf area to work on speed and agility.

Do players at all levels and ages utilize the Rockets off-ice facility? Yes, all players from Learn-to-Play to our oldest players have scheduled training. The intent of this off-ice facility is to develop strength and skills such as shooting, stick handling, agility training and overall hockey development. 

How often will my team use the facility?  The off-ice facility is treated like any other “rink” and ALL teams have off-ice practices added to their schedules. 

Can the facility be used for team meetings?  Players and coaches may come prior to their off-ice practice and meet in the all-purpose room. The AV system is available to watch video, etc. There are opportunities for teams to schedule meetings outside of their normal off-ice practices.

Can players use the facility without a coach?  No, Mike Richards, Director of Hockey, or a registered Rockets coach must be present for any athlete to train at our off-ice facility. Any use of the facility outside of regularly scheduled practices must be arranged with Coach Richards.

Can the facility be rented?  We currently do not rent the facility to any teams outside of the Rockets Organization. In the future, there may be opportunities for Rockets players to host birthday parties, etc. For now, our focus is on developing our Rockets teams.

Will the facility be used for board meetings?  Our teams will have top priority at the facility. Board meetings are held on Sunday evenings once a month. If the space is not available, meetings will still be held at Webster Rink.

How can I donate?  Please complete the PLEDGE FORM and return via mail or email (3-year installment option). You can also make a donation online via Square using this link DONATE-ONLINE.  Your pledges directly support ongoing maintenance of the facility.

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