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8U Evaluation Schedule

8U Evaluation Schedule

Below is the 2023-2024 8U Evaluation schedule.

9/7 - Skills

Group 1 - 5:40pm @ Creve Coeur Ice Arena

Group 2 - 6:50pm @ Creve Coeur Ice Arena

9/9 Flow drills and Small Area Games

Group 2 - 2:35pm @ Creve Coeur Ice Arena

Group 1 - 3:45pm @ Creve Coeur Ice Arena

9/10 - Cross Ice Games (Scrimmage)

Group 1 - 10:40am @ Creve Coeur Ice Arena

Group 2 - 11:50am @ Creve Coeur Ice Arena

Players may be asked to change groups during evaluations. 

Click here for 2023-2024 Regular Season Evaluation Process

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8U Draft


The 8U Draft will take place on Saturday 9/16 at 1-3pm at the St. Louis Rockets Off Ice Facility.  We will announce the 2023-2024 team assignments. Each player will be called up by their coach and be given to their jersey for the season. You wont want to miss the new 8U jerseys!

8U teams names mirror NHL teams. This season we will have the following 8U teams.

Golden Knights, Kraken, Penguins, Wild, Panthers, Islanders, Flyers, Kings, Predators, and Bruins.