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Covid-19 Update:

We are happy to announce that as of June 15th, local rinks and our Off Ice Facility are able to reopen. The Rockets, along with our rinks, are following St. Louis County's reopening guidelines. 

Due to differing sizes/amenities of our rinks and Off Ice facility, you may see slight variations in procedures. Below is a list of KEY GUIDELINES that are currently applicable at ALL of our rinks and training facility: 

  •  Anyone entering the facility must be wearing a mask, and must complete a health screening and temperature check. Masks must be worn by any attending adult (only 1 adult per player) and players may only remove masks during their training session. Observation of practices is not currently allowed.
  •  Locker rooms are currently closed, prepare by dressing out (minus skates, helmet and gloves) prior to entrance screening. 
  •  Players are asked to arrive at rinks only 15 minutes early and leave within 15 minutes after scheduled practice time.
  • Players are asked to arrive at Off Ice only 5 minutes early and leave within 5 minutes after scheduled practice time. 
  • Players will not be allowed to leave items in the lobby, items will need to be placed on players bench. 
  •  Water fountains may be closed; bring a labeled water bottle.
  • Any players, coaches or spectators exhibiting symptoms of an illness should not be in training facilities. Please stay home.
  • Social distancing should be implemented whenever possible. 
  • Coaches are required to wear masks.

St. Louis County Youth Sports Guidelines

Questions related to COVID-19 diagnosis, or potential exposure?

If you are living with a person who is confirmed to have COVID-19, or you’re a close contact of a person who is confirmed to have COVID-19, your quarantine will be monitored by the St. Louis County Department of Public Health or your local public health agency. 

What if a player or coach has contracted COVID? 

In the event your player tests positive we ask that you notify your coach and a Rocket's Staff Member: 

Tom Craig, Director of Hockey: 

Jamie Cacciabando, Executive Administrator: 

Per St. Louis County  guidelines we will notify the County Health Department and will provide them with necessary rosters/schedules. Any member communication regarding potential exposure will not include names of those initially diagnosed with COVID. 

Diagnosed players/participating adults may return to organizational activities after submitting St. Louis County "release from isolation" paperwork to Rockets Staff. 

What if a member of your team contracts COVID-19?

Individuals who have had a significant exposure (defined as direct contact or prolonged exposure within 6 feet) to a positive COVID-19 individual MUST quarantine for a minimum of 14 days from the last date of exposure to the positive COVID-19 individual. If the exposed individual has a negative SARS-Cov 2 test, they still must quarantine for 14 days. If the exposed individual develops symptoms during these 14 days, testing for SARS Cov-2 should occur.

For more information on frequently asked questions related to COVID please click here 

See below for each training facilities list of guidelines and/or waivers: 

Mo Hockey Covid Guidelines

South County Rink Guidelines

Creve Coeur Guidelines

Creve Coeur Waiver

Creve Coeur Individual One Year Waiver

Creve Coeur Locker Room Plans

Creve Coeur October Locker Room Schedule

Creve Coeur COVID Screening Form

Brentwood Guidelines

Brentwood COVID Screening Form

Webster Groves Guidelines

Webster Groves COVID Screening Form

Florissant Guidelines

Florissant Screening Form

Rockets Off Ice Guidelines

Off Ice COVID Screening Form

We will continue to communicate any procedural changes  in accordance with St. Louis County Phasing Guidelines. 

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.