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New Year's Eve Friendship Game with SQHS-Whitworth and Blues Special Hockey

Squirt Silver Lapel Pin Fundraising project

The Squirt House Silver team is raising money for our Travel expenses and exchange gifts.  To help raise money and also generate a great exchange gift we have made St. Louis Rockets Lapel Pins that our players will exchange with the teams we play.  To make it cost effect for us we have made 1000 pins and are offering the opportunity for other Rocket teams to purchase the pins from us for only $2 a lapel pin in quantities of 20 pins. Individual pins would be $3 each.   The lapel pin is 1.5 inches big.

To order, just email the Rockets Squirt Silver Manager,
Greg Lauter  at
Give him the following information and we will make arrangements to get them to you.
1.Team Name(i.e. SQA1)
2.Team Contact name and email
3.How many pins you want
4.Cost is $2 a pin when ordering 20 or more.(min. order 20 pins)
It’s that easy.  If you have any questions, please contact Greg or Head Coach Kevin Whitworth at