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Learn to Play

Learn to Play 2020

Learn To Play 2020

The St. Louis Rockets’ Learn-to-Play (LTP) program is a fantastic opportunity for children new to hockey to experience the game and receive great coaching at a fantastic price.

The Rockets' next session of Learn to Play will begin:

September 12th, the session will run 13 consecutive Saturdays through December 5th, 2020.  

Brentwood Ice Rink


Cost: $260

Click here to register 

Four LTP sessions will be offered during 2020:

  • Spring 
  • Summer 
  • Fall 
  • Winter *times/pricing for Winter are tbd*

What age children will participate?
The program is designed for children of all ages, but most of the participants will be under age 10. Children will be grouped on the ice by age and ability. 
Who is eligible to participate?
Preference is given to children living in Rockets zip codes and who intend to continue hockey with the Rockets. In the event a session is oversubscribed, it may not be possible to accommodate participants that don’t live in a Rockets zip code. Please click here to see Missouri Hockey zip code assignments.
Does my child need skating experience?
We strongly recommend that new players (particularly those 6 and under) have some skating experience on hockey skates. Learn to skate programs are available at most rinks. Depending on the child, a few public sessions might be just fine.
What gear do I need?
Players need a full set of hockey gear, a list of which can be found on the Rockets website - Click Here  
What happens first?
Prior to the first session, a short orientation for parents and players will include:

  • Roll call and verification of registration 
  • An introduction to youth hockey and the St. Louis Rockets
  • An introduction to the Rockets’ Director of Hockey, Tom Craig and our LTP instructor, Scott Brandes
  • A demonstration of how to get dressed in hockey gear
  • Q&A

Depending on availability, a local vendor of youth hockey gear (e.g., Pure Hockey) may also be present.
What happens at the first on ice session?
Skaters will have a brief orientation, equipment check and some limited instruction. After the skaters have completed this process, they can participate in a stick-and-puck for the remainder of this first session.
What happens at subsequent sessions?
The instructional program officially begins the second session. At or prior to the third session a jersey will be issued to each skater. Skaters are grouped by jersey color and will be expected to wear that jersey to subsequent sessions. The jersey will be his/hers to keep.
Can parents help out on the ice?
With the permission of Scott Brandes, yes, as long as you wear a helmet and gloves and remember that the sessions are for the kids. As fun as it is, don’t shoot pucks around or distract Scott from instructing.
Where do I sign up?
Sign up is at the Rockets website. After signup, you will be kept informed of program specifics.
What happens after LTP?
LTP is designed and intended for children with no hockey experience. It is not “extra ice” or instruction for children in other programs and is not meant to be done more than twice. Children that participate in LTP multiple times distract both the instructors and the children who are truly new to the game.
The following programs are available for “graduates” of LTP. Rest assured that one session of LTP is plenty of preparation for subsequent programs.

  • Following Winter LTP, Spring League and Development programs (March-June)
  • Following Spring LTP, Summer Development program, summer camps, etc. (June-August)
  • Following Summer LTP, Regular season hockey (September-February)
  • Following Fall LTP, Advance to LTP II

Who should I contact with questions?
If you have any questions, please contact Jamie Cacciabando  (